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Field of Glory has been designed in an approachable and easy to learn manner that allows players to concentrate on realistic deployments and battlefield tactics, eliminating much of the extraneous minutiae of past rules and allowing us to capture the atmosphere of battles ranging from the dawn of history to medieval times.

The Field of Glory tabletop rules have brought wargaming to a new level with their innovative gameplay and a attention to detail. Check out the full range of books and prepare you army for the next battle! If moving miniatures around in Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance or Napoleonic settings is your thing then you need look no further!

The computer version of Field of Glory brings together the look and feel of the traditional tabletop games without the hassle of looking up combat results and factors. All you need to worry about is your strategy. Engage in battles against the AI, find opponents around the world, set up matches and tournaments on your PC or Mac and keep playing for hours without having to buy and paint a single figure!

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