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Panzer Corps

Platforms:  PC, iPad
Genre:  Turn Based Strategy
Setting:  World War II
Rel Date:  10/07/2011
Langs:  English, Franšais, Deutsch
Price:  £ 16.99
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£ 25.99

£ 16.99
Platform:  PC
Complexity:  Medium
Players:  1-2
Min Spec:  Windows´┐Ż XP/Vista/7
Pentium 4 or equivalent
1GB RAM (XP) or 2GB RAM (Vista/7)
64Mb video card
500Mb HD space
SCREEN: Min 600 pixels high, 1024 wide
Multiplayer:  PBEM

96% - GamersHall.de
Panzer Corps is a solid and loving overhaul of the classic Panzer General. Technical implementation and graphic design leave little room for any criticism.

93% - GamerTell.com
Easy to learn, simple interface, hard to stop playing once you start, you don't have to be a serious wargamer to appreciate.

9/10 - CPU Gamer
When it comes to being Panzer General, Panzer Corps beats the pants off the competition.

90% - Armchair General
Overall, PanzerCorps is one of the best “beer and pretzels” turn based wargame releases in years. The game is very polished and stable. It is fun to play.

90% - PelipPlaneeta.net
...nothing short of brilliant.

9/10 - RTSguru
This was seriously one of the best games that we have ever played. If you do not pick this up, you are missing out.

9/10 - Onet.pl
If one asked how would Panzer General be like if it was released today? The answer is simple - it would be Panzer Corps.

9/10 - EntDepot
Panzer Corps has me dreaming in hexagons nowadays.

A- - GameShark.com
Now that the official review is complete, if this were any other game it would go on the shelf next to other games that have been “finished” but I have every intention of firing it up again.

5/6 - 24Timer
Review on Page 18 - The game is seen from the German point of view. Very unique in todays entertainment industry. But it is extremely well executed, in a sober and sound way.

81% - PC Gamer UK
It`s Panzer General in a new greatcoat. A perfect introduction to the wonderful world of wargaming.

8/10 - PolitikBasis.de
This will warm the hearts of beer and pretzel-strategists... Hence I give a strong buy recommendation.

8/10 - Gamespot
- Panzer Corps is a great turn-based strategic wargame that captures Panzer General's deep and involving classic gameplay.
- Panzer Corps is a rare gem.

83% - BestGamer.ru
We have a reincarnation of the classic Panzer General with all the bells and whistles.

8/10 - Gamere.dk
Panzer Corps manages 15 years after Panzer General to capture the exact same sentiment, and the gameplay still works just as well.

8/10 - PC4War
All honors to the developers as they restored an gaming masterpiece based on a proven concept and on deeply tactical gameplay.

8/10 - MMOGameSite.com
The level of detail is outstanding, and delivers a blend of entertainment and historical accuracy in an exciting way.

8.5/10 - Warfare and Wargaming
Panzer Corps has successfully delivered a blitzkrieg of entertainment for strategy gamers everywhere.

86% (Very Good) - 4Players.de [translation]
A thoroughly successful and addictive remake of Panzer General - tactical, complex, very good!

The Wargamer
Matrix, Slitherine and the Lordz Games Studios have done a superlative job not only of reviving a classic but improving it while keeping the original feel.

88% - 7idGaming.de
A great strategy game with addictive gameplay and high replay value.

85% - GameStar Gold Award - GameStar
Panzer Corps is neither bold nor stupid. But brilliant.

85% - PCGames.de
A resurrected classic!

8/10 - Gamer.no
Whether you're Panzer General-veteran or a beginner who wants to try a serious strategy game without the absurd amount of detail and a rule book with the same number of pages that the Bible is, Panzer Corps is a very good buy.

85% - Looki.de
This successful remake of a great classic should be missed by no strategy gamer!

4/5 Stars - DigitallyDownloaded.net
As a labour of love, it’s good to be able to say “Panzer General is back!”

7/10 - Gamedot.co.uk
Good concept, well executed. Plenty of depth.

79% - AG.ru
Those who are not familiar with or good at these types of strategy games can easily break into the genre with Panzer Corps.

Cyberstratege Preview
Is the student beating its master here ? Without saying too much about the article to follow, I can definitely say yes
I am here jumping, exploding of joy, even my eyes are crying for the return of an improved masterpiece

All in all, Panzer Corps is an amazing strategy game which can be enjoyed by players of all ages and gaming experience, so even those looking for a casual game as well as the ones that want a highly competitive one can enjoy this unique experience.

Quarter to Three
The first thing I noticed was how easy it is to get back into the routine of scooting the units around and letting the basic numbers do their thing... Before you know it, you're hurtling down the street with the wind in your hair and feeling like a kid again.

Tacticular Cancer
Panzer Corps has hit the nail on the head with graphics and sound, is extremely faithful to the series, with some carefully thought out, solid gameplay changes.

For those that have never played Panzer General and like a "wargame lite" title that can be learned relatively quickly and easily, this is an excellent title.

Panzer Corps is a thoroughly enjoyable game that will give all Hobby Generals great fun. My advice: buy it yourselves now!

Suite 101
Panzer Corps is the perfect introduction for newcomers to wargaming, and also blast to play for those already captivated by the genre. It truly is the 21st Century version of the classic Panzer General series.

No High Scores
Panzer Corps has been such a pleasant surprise as it’s brought back a flood of great memories of nights eschewing college partying in order to try and achieve a major victory in France or to capture Moscow.

"Recommendation of the Day"! After work, I'll start a scenario.


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